China's Steel Industry Meets the New Normal

Xin chang tai (新常态) is the term that most accurately characterizes China’s economy today. It is a literal translation of the English term new normal, meaning “a new state of normality.”After reform and opening up, China’s economy maintained a double-digit annual growth rate for decades, then slowed to around 7% in 2012. Chinese authorities have described this as the “new normal” state, to which they intend to adjust China’s economic policy.  China’s new normal does not mean abandonment of growth, but rather a transition to a new way of growth. Changes in China’s economic fundamentals have confronted China’s steel industry with “new normal”market environment and structures. The industry has set out in search of new solutions. 24 Changing China’s Steel Industry in the New Normal (Dr. Ahn, Byung-kuk) 30 China's Steel Enters a “Peak Zone“: Arguments and Projections (Choi, Young-hun) 36 The Impact of China’s Early “Peak Steel“ and Scrap Generation on Steel Raw Materials Prices (Dr. Jin-Seok Huh) 42 China's Steel Exports, Reaching 100 Mt: What It Means to Asia and Beyond (Dr. Chung, Cheol-Ho, Dr. Nam, Dae-yub) 48 Dilemmas in Restructuring China’s Steel Industry (Dr. Li Wan-Yong) 54 Chinese View on the New Normal (Li Xinchuang, President of MPI) (Dr. Li Xinchuang) Sources: On the Cover, Asian Steel Watch vol.1  

2016.01.27 l Li Wan-Yong ,Dae-Yub Nam,Byung-Kuk Ahn,Young Hun Choi,Cheol-Ho Chung,Jin-Seok Huh,Li Xinchuang




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