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POSCO Research Institute is dedicated to become a thinking partner for the sustainable future

Since its establishment in 1994, POSCO Research Institute (POSRI) has been working hard on research to contribute to the development of Korea’s steel industry and enhance corporate competitiveness. As a result, POSRI has become a globally recognized think-tank in steel industry research

However, the business environment today and tomorrow requires fundamental changes to business as usual. The global transition to a low-carbon economy is totally shifting the business paradigm, and digital technology innovation including AI makes it hard to determine the speed and direction of changes. Moreover, geopolitical conflicts led by US-China hegemony competition inflicts negative impact on corporations.

Struggling to survive in the era of hyper-uncertainty, companies must improve their current business and continue to develop new promising business. Also, as a prerequisite for survival, businesses adopt a new management philosophy to satisfy demand of the time and build a sustainable business system that allows changes and adaptation.

In this uncertain business environment, POSCO Research Institute strives to move beyond the manufacturing sector and strengthen research on the future industry, such as eco-friendly materials including steel, energy, and infrastructure. With the management philosophy of corporate citizenship, it will also deepen its research on corporate citizenship in order to respond to the fastest-growing demand for ESG and add ‘real value’ to corporations.

Aiming to deliver the world’s best research on the future industry, POSCO Research Institute is determined to become a reliable Thinking Partner for corporations by suggesting practical strategies and solutions with open minded thinking and deep insight.

Jun H. Goh
CEO & President
POSCO Research Institute




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