• Strategy

    Research on the Group’s growth strategies and portfolio management
    Competitor analysis by industry, research on leading companies’ strategies
    Research on stakeholder communication, management of the board of directors, and improvement in governance
    HR strategy setting, HR policy & structure design, labor law and policy issue analysis
    Research on mega trends affecting the future industry and technology

  • Steel

    Analysis of leading steel companies and creation of competitive edge strategies
    Research on a paradigm shift in the steel industry, including hydrogen-based steelmaking (HyREX)
    Finding methods for creating shared value with customers and strengthening the eco system
    Seeking proactive responses to a changing global trade environment, such as the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)
    Steel supply and demand outlook, price forecast, research on steel-consuming industries

  • Industry

    Formulating competitive strategies by core business and research on synergy creation among businesses
    Future trend forecast and market & competitor strategy analysis in the sustainable infrastructure sector
    Analysis of the secondary battery materials industry and global expansion strategy
    Business environment analysis across the value chain of the hydrogen industry, formulating growth strategies for industrial gases
    New growth domain analysis, including new mobility, green energy, and advanced materials

    Business Management
  • Economy & Policy

    Domestic and global economic trend analysis and forecast, short- to long-term economic issue analysis
    Analysis of business risks and opportunities based on regional monitoring
    Business environment diagnosis and strategic direction setting in global geopolitical change
    Research on domestic and foreign policy issues
    Management of Group information service including management trend and standard statistics

    Economic∙Information Analysis
  • ESG Management

    Establishment of Group-wide ESG strategy & policy and management system
    Domestic and global ESG trend analysis and research on responses to ESG trends
    Research on the ways for making the Corporate Citizenship management philosophy a part of everyday work
    Establishment of corporate citizenship best practices
    Spread and internalization of the corporate citizenship philosophy through expert networks

    Global Research




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