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“The Chinese Dream” Should be a “Good Dream” of China Sharing Prosperity with its Neighbors

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Cover Story

Super-cycle in the Global Commodities Market, An Evolving Area of Technical and Market Innovation

(Author: Sang-Hyung Shim, Seok-Won Choi, Young-Keun Joo, Chan-Wook Park, Suk-Ho Han)

1. Strong Demand for Global Commodities: Energy Revolution May Lead to Global Political and Economic Changes
2. Gold Prices to Fall in the Short Term, Industrial Material Prices to Rise: “Super-Cycle Will Persist in the Long Term Given Global Demand”
3. “Shale Gas Revolution” in the U.S. Causes a Paradigm Shift
4. Indonesia Emerges as the “Saudi Arabia of Nickel”: Increased Supply Brings Stability after Extreme Fluctuations
5 Growing Concerns Due to Increased Demand, Climate Change, and Speculation: Grain Prices to Stabilize at Low Levels in First Half of 2014
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Issues & Analysis

A Shift From Opium to Coffee: Increased Income and Living Standards

(Author: Kyung-eun Park)

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Issues & Analysis

Internationalization of the Chinese Yuan: Countries Lining up to Become Offshore Trading Centers

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Issues & Analysis

China Has Won Rights to Central Asian Gas: Russia May Face Difficulty Making Money from Oil

(Author: Sung-kyu Lee, Hye-jin Han)

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Issues & Analysis

CEPA will Enable the Resource-rich Country to Open its Auto and Steel Markets to Korea

(Author: Bun-soon Park)

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Issues & Analysis

Domestic Unrest Ahead of January 2014 General Elections: Could Set Stage for Another Military Coup

(Author: Jeong-Seong Imm)

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Issues & Analysis

China to Overhaul Its Growth Paradigm: Removing Financial Risks and Overcapacity is Essential For Reform

(Author: Sang-Hyung Shim)

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Issues & Analysis

2014 General Elections to Decide Direction of Indian Economy, What Role Will India Play in Afghanistan after U.S. Troops Withdraw?

(Author: Dae-Woo Lee)

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Special Report

Why Russia Matters For Korea?

(Author: Wan-Suk Hong, Young-Il Oh)

1. Korea Should Consider Russia a Geopolitical Base to Enhance Its Economy
2. Shift to Pragmatic Diplomacy: Moscow is Not Going to Invest Billions of Dollars in a High-risk Environment
3. Korea-Russia Economic Cooperation in the Russian Far East: Large-scale Projects Need Government Support to Succeed
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In-depth Asia

China-Southeast Asian Relations: Toughness in the South China Sea and implications

(Author: Robert Sutter)

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Market Watch

Rapid Growth of Chinese Apparel Companies Threatens Korean Firms

(Author: Seung-chan Park)

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Market Watch

In the Rapidly Growing Smartphone Market, Local Companies Fare Well With “Phablets”

(Author: Yong-Sig Kim)

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Market Watch

Can Indonesia’s Low Cost Green Car (LCGC) Program Succeed Without Transportation Infrastructure?

(Author: Kyung-Suh Park)

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