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POSRI Chidia Plus Quarterly provides useful information about the economy, business, industry, politics and society of Chindia.

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China’s Silk Road Strategy and the Future of Southeast Asia

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Cover Story

Expectations and Concerns for Korea-China FTA

(Author: Ji-Sun Kim, Han-Sung Kim, Sang-Hyung Shim, Tae-Nyen Kim , Chung-Gil Chung , Hyung-Il Cho, Sung-Ho Joo, Mong-Yeul Ha)

1. Will the FTA Help Korea Emerge as an East Asian Trading Hub and Unlock China’s Domestic Market?
2. With Policy Flexibility, Korea Should Balance Korea-China FTA and TPP
3. Korea-China FTA Should Level Terms of Trade for Steel
4. Korean Auto Makers Aim at Further Localization in China China is Negative on Market Opening
5. Despite Price Competitiveness, Some Korea Companies to Suffer from Influx of Chinese Products
6. Exports of Smart Phones, Semiconductors, and Displays to Rise, While Small Home Appliances Need Protection
7. Korea-China FTA Could Shake Korea’s Textile Industry Value Chain
8. Korea Should Seize Market Opportunities with Trustworthy Produce
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Issues & Analysis

Investment by Japan is Poison for Thailand’s Autonomous Economy: nurturing the Independent Parts Industry is the Solution

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Issues & Analysis

With Mixed Global Reactions to Thai Military Coup, Popular Support Expected to Prop up the Thai Junta

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Issues & Analysis

Facing the Limitations of Resource-dependent Growth, Indonesia Must Expand Infrastructure and nurture Manufacturing

(Author: Ki-Yong Jeon)

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Issues & Analysis

Indonesia Faces a Structural Dilemma with Low-grade Production and High-grade Imports in the Steel Industry

(Author: Sang-Hyung Shim)

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Special Report

Asia’s Tourism Market Boom

(Author: Ki-Yong Keum , Hyun-Bong Park )

1. Tourism Spurs Asian Economic Growth
2. visa-free Travel Boosts Russian Tourism to Korea; Target Market Spreads from Russian Far East to Moscow
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In-depth Asia

Meritocracy and the Mass Line: China’s Alternative to Liberal Democracy

(Author: Kyung-jin Shin)

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Market Watch

Indian Women Seeking Safe Transport Propel a Boom in Scooter Sales

(Author: Yong-Sig Kim)

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Market Watch

China’s 90s Generation Spurs Competition in the Sugar Market

(Author: Zhu Xian)

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About POSCO Research Institute

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