[Chindia Plus Quarterly] Vol.11 (2013 Summer)

[Chindia Plus Quarterly] Vol.11 (2013 Summer)

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Cover Story Along the Mekong An Economic Belt Beyond the River

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An Arena of Intense Competition

We visited the economic belt along the Mekong River on the
Indochinese peninsula, located between India and China.
The region is expected to become the next China, in addition
to being the Southeast Asia’s bridgehead to India. This
is a place where companies leaving China settle and those
heading to India stop. When world powers, such as the United
States, China, and Japan, push forward with national
agendas in the surrounding countries, and global companies
compete to advance into the region, what must be done in
the region?

1. The Mekong Symbol of Infinite Potential
2. Mekong Logistics Network Economic Corridors 
3. Cambodia is Ready to Leap from Poverty 
4. From Landlocked Country to Land-linked Country 
5. Still a Young Bride Courting Myanmar 
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