[Chindia Plus Quarterly] Vol.14 (2014 Spring)

[Chindia Plus Quarterly] Vol.14 (2014 Spring)

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Cover Story Continuous Evolution and Change: Asian Auto Industry Stands at Center of Global Stage

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The Asian automobile industry is changing. While carmakers in advanced
countries falter, Chinese car manufacturers are growing rapidly, contributing
to the expansion of the Asian auto market as a whole, and in the process
bringing about not only quantitative changes but also qualitative changes. Chinese
car carmakers have advanced into Southeast Asia while Western companies
have also set foot in China’s compact car market. Meanwhile, ASEAN is
emerging as the next auto manufacturing base after China. Let us take a look
at the present and future of the rapidly changing Asian auto market.

1. Global Carmakers to Capitalize on China as a Platform Asian Car Market Undergoing Change
2. China is Now the World’s Largest Car Market and the Focus of Global Strategies 
3. Southeast Asia Emerges as a Post-BRICs Auto Market 
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