[Chindia Plus Quarterly] Vol.16 (2014 Autumn)

[Chindia Plus Quarterly] Vol.16 (2014 Autumn)

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Cover Story Expectations and Concerns for Korea-China FTA

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The unexplored but inescapable path. This is what an FTA with China means
for Korea. Its influence will be unprecedented and greater than that of any
other FTA that Seoul has concluded so far. With Korea’s trade dependence on
China reaching over 25%, it’s fair to say that the success of the Korean economy
depends on how well it adapts to the new FTA paradigm. Since the 1980s,
China has always been at the center of the changing international trade environment.
Having recently emerged as the world’s second-largest economy,
China has provided boundless opportunity as well as occasional threats to the
Korean economy. That is why Korea should prepare itself well before setting
out on a new path.

1. Will the FTA Help Korea Emerge as an East Asian Trading Hub and Unlock China’s Domestic Market?
2. With Policy Flexibility, Korea Should Balance Korea-China FTA and TPP 
3. Korea-China FTA Should Level Terms of Trade for Steel 
4. Korean Auto Makers Aim at Further Localization in China China is Negative on Market Opening 
5. Despite Price Competitiveness, Some Korea Companies to Suffer from Influx of Chinese Products 
6. Exports of Smart Phones, Semiconductors, and Displays to Rise, While Small Home Appliances Need Protection 
7. Korea-China FTA Could Shake Korea’s Textile Industry Value Chain 
8. Korea Should Seize Market Opportunities with Trustworthy Produce 
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