[Asian Steel Watch] Vol.3 (2017.6)

[Asian Steel Watch] Vol.3 (2017.6)

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On the Cover Eyes on Energy Transition

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Responding to global warming, the energy industry is poised to enter the era of transition. Despite the accelerated energy efficiency, global population growth and economic development are expected to drive energy consumption up. Although the share of fossil fuels continues to decline, fossil fuels will still dominate through 2035-2040. Investment in renewable energy capacity, excluding large hydropower, has stood at twice that of fossil fuel generation over the last five years. Renewable energy is no longer “alternative”energy but in fact has entered the energy “mainstream.”Influenced by the shale oil revolution, an era has come that oil prices remain below USD 50/barrel. Investment in the fossil fuel sector will remain the status quo, while investment in the T&D sector, which includes renewable energy grids and energy storage systems, is expected to make up an even more meaningful share in the future.

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