[Asian Steel Watch] Vol.6 (2018.12)

[Asian Steel Watch] Vol.6 (2018.12)

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Featured Articles Steel Industry Policies under the Xi Jinping Administration and Their Implications

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With the advent of the first term of the Xi Jinping Administration in May’13, the Chinese steel industry faced challenges with the rising number of steel company declaring bankruptcy amid plummeting demand, supply glut, and cost increase. Fully recognizing the severity of the situation, the Chinese government prioritized the closure of plants producing low-quality steel from scrap (ditiaogang) and initiated a sweeping restructuring. Steel policy direction during Xi’s second term (Mar. 2018 – Feb. 2023) includes the scaling-up of steelmakers, higher quality products, and smart & green manufacturing, and globalization under continuous capacity control. As the Chinese steel industry will be upgraded in terms of quality and greatly impact the global steel industry, the global steel industry must prepare for such changes.
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