[Asian Steel Watch] Vol.5 (2018.6)

[Asian Steel Watch] Vol.5 (2018.6)


On the Cover Tata Steel Europe’s Approach to the Circular Economy in a Life Cycle Perspective

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Steel has excellent credentials as a sustainable material for a circular economy compared to many other engineering materials, on account of, among other attributes, the very high recycling rates throughout its life cycle. There are nonetheless further opportunities for greater circularity in steel and Tata Steel Europe is one of the several steel companies at the forefront of exploring these opportunities. Links between life cycle thinking, the circular economy, and sustainability are many and are at the heart of Tata Steel Europe’s own journey towards a more sustainable organization. Examples of the company’s activities include its active role in the policy and standards arena, where life cycle and circular economy aspects are increasingly prevalent. Tata Steel Europe’s engagement in other initiatives embraces those with a process as well as a product focus. These include customer- centric approaches in communicating on life cycle environmental performance. This article concludes with a view of future possibilities for steel to further its circular economy credentials and relevance as a sustainable material and how taking a whole life cycle perspective helps tell its story.

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