[Asian Steel Watch] Vol.7 (2019.8)

[Asian Steel Watch] Vol.7 (2019.8)


On the Cover POSCO’s Corporate Citizenship: Its Meaning and Application

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Celebrating 50 years of operation in 2018, POSCO announced a new management philosophy for its pursuit of corporate citizenship, ‘Corporate Citizenship: Building a Better Future Together,’ which supports prosperity shared with its business, people, and society. With consensus for corporate citizenship shared by employees, the company has set key activities for three areas of focus—business, people, and society—and built governance for higher participation and support by employees. To make a society better, POSCO tries to make and improve its corporate citizenship activities across all three areas. POSCO’s vision of corporate citizenship is just starting out, and it requires further refinements to succeed. Corporate citizenship is not a challenge for POSCO alone, but an issue that many other global companies and communities must consider and undertake.

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